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Prototype Game

There are two ideas that are being considered for the protype game:

Prototype Plot #1

One idea was to create a story around the (tentative) name for the framework. In other words, a story where the protagonist is a dog. The proposal goes like this: The existence of dogs is the only thing that has kept feline race from taking over the world which is currently dominated by humans. But the cats have discovered the source of dog power which is concentrated within the bone of dogness. If the cats can find this precious artifact and destroy it, there will be nothing left in their way from taking over the world. The protagonist is a member of a team of dogs who are tasked with "fetching" the legendary bone of dogness and protecting it from the evil cat overlords thus saving the world from a tragic fate.

It’s a rather ridiculous story but somewhat amusing. It's interesting because it builds on the branding of the framework. Such a story would certainly be unique. There doesn't seem to be any RPG in existence where the protagonist is a canine.

Prototype Plot #2

This idea is more along the lines of a traditional action RPG: The crucible of life was used by the gods to populate the world with living things. The world was a peaceful haven until one of the gods took the crucible for himself and began to create beings which were ugly, vile, and evil. An argument arose over the creation of these creatures and a great battle ensued among the gods. Seeing the terrifying power that the crucible had when used for evil, the gods forged a magical hammer with which they intended to destroy the crucible. The evil one was subdued but it required the united effort of all five other gods, such is the power of evil. Even in light of his own defeat and the threat of his own destruction, the evil one refused out of spite to reveal where he had hidden the crucible. With no other choice, they destroyed the evil one intending to then find the crucible on their own. But unbeknown even to them, the gods were all connected having come from a single source. And death begets death… so their power faded over time and they too disappeared from the earth… and the crucible was lost and became merely a legend.

The story begins several centuries later. A power-hungry general fights for his king to win glory for himself but secretly curses the king and the fact that he himself was not born with royal blood. His men serve him but only because he serves the king. Without the king, he is nothing. In one of his foreign campaigns he stumbles upon the hiding place of the crucible of life. Using the designs left by the evil one, he discovers its secret power and how with it he can create beings without wills of their own; beings that will obey him and him alone. With it too he discovers the power of dark magic. While the evil one can no longer exist in his own right, the power of his spirit can be channeled by those who know how to invoke it. And so he builds an army intending to take over the world.

There are five different types of good magic, one pertaining to each of the good gods. People usually have an affinity for one type of magic or another. Incidentally some have an affinity for two or even three types of good magic but none have been found to have an affinity for all five. Only one who can harness the power of all five gods will be able to defeat the minion of the evil one and wield the magical hammer, or so the legend goes. But the hammer, the only thing which can save the world, has been lost. Like the crucible, the memory of it had faded over time.

A humble farmer boy finds a hammer in an ancient cave. In his hands it feels light and yet powerful. He inquires with the elders as to its origin and discovers that it is the legendary hammer. What surprises them even more is that the boy is able to wield it while no one else can bear its weight. It turns out that this unlikely boy has an affinity for all types of magic, but he is entirely untrained. He will have to travel to five different lands to learn the magic of the good gods so that he can harness them all together to defeat the evil general. His quest is long and perilous and he must travel alone. Will he be able to complete his mission and save the world?

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